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Who is RIGRO Design

People don’t judge a book by its cover, do they?

Of course they do.

Whether you're dreaming of the food served at an upscale restaurant, coveting the latest Apple product, or itching for a late model car, we humans just seem to love things that are beautifully designed. The same truth applies to your website.

Even if your product or service is great, if you are not presenting your customers with an attractive site you're definitely leaving money on the table.

But of course, ’’The function of design is letting design function.’’ Micha Commeren If it doesn’t ’work’ no matter how amazing it 'looks' it isn't worth much. Your viewers and your potential customers need to be drawn into the purchase or commitment, find what they are looking for speedily, and see an appealing and useful presentation no matter which device they are using.

RIGRO Design builds websites that are simply beautiful to look at it and beautifully simple to use.

And we love every minute of it.

We are RIGRO Design

What do we do?

Custom Web Design

Your website should look good. So good your mom wants to hang it on the refrigerator. RIGRO Design will create a site that expresses your brands unique and quirky voice, stays true to the message you want to convey, and looks modern, effortless, and proffesional.

Web Developement

’’There's no problem so simple that a bad developer can't make it complicated.’’Steve Bohlen RIGRO Design writes code that is clean and efficient so you can always expect a bug free experience and hassle free maintenance.

E-Commerce Sites

A properly built online shop is like having your friendly sales reps pushing products 24/7. RIGRO creates e-commerce sites that sell your stuff through excellent presentation, superior on-site search, and multiple tactics to increase AOV (average order value). Remember: ’’If your business is not on the internet your business will be out of business ’’ Bill Gates

Informational Sites

Not having an online presence is one of the fastest ways to lose credibility as a business. In addition, an informational site acts like an online brochure letting your customer know what you are all about. RIGRO Design crafts brand landing pages, single pagers, and informational sites that proudly present to all who you are.

CMS & Blog Platforms

There are pretty powerful Content Management Systems available today. However tools are only as effective as the expertise of the person using them. RIGRO Design will customize a cms for you to use as an online catalog, blogspot, or company portfolio allowing you to use your time to work smarter not harder

Responsive Design

Mobile devices drive 56% of traffic to top sites. 'The Web' is no longer just viewed on desktop computers. Tablets, and laptops, and smartphones are all fair game. RIGRO Design creates websites that go from little to big and big to little with ease, because responsive web design is web design done right.

Website Animations

The interest of your viewer is decided within the first six seconds of visiting your site. RIGRO Design can help you capture the eye with awesome animations that tempt viewers to investigate further. In addition, sliders and carousels present lots of content in little space, informing while also entertaining.

Hosting & Security

With multiple options for website hosting and several custom email packages, RIGRO Design provides affordable, reliable solutions that keep your site fully functional, running rapidly, and supremely secure.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you know where the best place to hide a dead body is? On page 2 of google search results! RIGRO Design makes sure your website gets found through a strategic blend of content marketing, latent semantic indexing, honing meta tags, and effective keyword usage. Get out there and be seen!

Email Marketing

With an average ROI of 4,300% (thats $43 for every $1 spent!!), including email marketing in your marketing strategy is pretty much a no brainer. RIGRO Design can tailor your emails specifically to where your customer is up to in their purchase cycle (browsing, items in cart, already purchased, etc.) thus sending a super targeted and effective message.

Website Analytics

RIGRO Design will measure, collect, analyze, and report all web data pertaining to your site so you can understand and optimize your website usage. Data is the cornerstone of moving forward. Remember what matters gets measured and what's measured gets managed

Check out some of our featured works

We bet you can't make it through the list without saying "I need a RIGRO Design!"


The Tarps Wholesaler

Check out the gorgeous home page, clear faq page, visual category listing, customized contact form, and embedded blog.


Polished Chrome

Check out the gorgeous home page, amazing sidebars, great product filtering, and super clear informational pages.



Check out the gorgeous home page, amazingly intuitive search, custom forms, brands listing page, and subcategory listings.


Oh My Basket

Check out the gorgeous home page, mood setting quotes slider, eye-catching newsletter sign-up popup, and product personalization options.


Mandarin Fusion Steakhouse

Check out the gorgeous home page, slider of mouthwatering foods, cool online reservation system and handy-dandy online ordering tool.


Overstock Plumbing Deals

Check out the gorgeous home page, amazing compare products feature, filtering sidebars, custom contact forms, and gorgeous category displays.


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